Breakfast Menu

Bite into Breakfast: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am – 11am(ish)

Breakfast On a Bun

The perfect breakfast for people who just can’t fork before a pot of coffee.

All our hand held breakfast options are served on a toasted Potato Scallion Bun with a generous helping of herb and truffle roasted morning potatoes.

The Classic BLT

Smokey Bacon and slices of fresh tomato fist bump each other in this breakfast classic. Comes with arugula and mayo to make it fancy.


The Bacon + Egger

Can’t decide between a BLT and an Egg Sandwich? Celebrate indecision with this  classic BLT that has a runny egg on top to class things up a little.


The Sausage + Egger

The only thing better than bacon is sausage! Sausage slices are topped with a runny egg and finished with arugula, tomato, mayonnaise.


The Stegger

It’s steak and eggs, in your hands (no, not literally)… It’s one runny egg, with beef strip-loin, aged cheddar, caramelized onions, horseradish mayo and arugula.


Brekkie Style Chicken Club

If there was ever a true brunch dish, this is it!  It’s a little lunch, a little brekkie and a lot delicious. A runny egg perched on top of a grilled chicken breast with bacon, tomato, arugula and guacamole.


The Western Omlette

It’s not quite a cowboy, but it plays one on TV!  This hand held omelette is made with  fluffy whipped eggs, hiding onions, peppers, ham and swiss cheese and arugula inside.


The Healthy Omelette

Watching your waistline?  We’ve got your back (what’s left of it).  Egg whites, onions, assorted vegetables, peppers and swiss cheese and arugula for a healthy start.


How Sweet It Is

Recommended by 4 Out of 5 Unemployed Dentists.

You slept for 8 long hours, put on pants (it’s okay to double check that now) and went outside.  If anyone deserves a treat it’s you! #Treatyoself and make your cavities happy with these sweet treats to start your morning!

French Toast

Every breakfast of champions starts with sugar, syrup and cream.  Be a champion and eat some french toast. Crispy and fluffy french toast is covered in maple whipped cream and comes with mixed fruit.


Add Some Calories

Don’t buy a new belt, eat bacon. Up your game with some extra calories of deliciousness here.

Bacon or Sausage (3PC)


Peameal Bacon (2PC)


Mixed Fruit


Herb Roasted Potatoes


Yogurt (Plain)


Yes, There’s Coffee

Not only is there coffee, but on weekends…there’s also some breakfast style wobbly pops

Wobbly Pops are only available on Sundays from 11am until 1pm

Coffee (Bottomless)


Coffee (To Go!)






Take Your Bacon To-Go!

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