Dinner Menu

Dig into Dinner: Thursday & Saturday from 5pm – 9pm

The Greenery

Make your insides smile with some fresh and delicious bacon greenery

All of our dinner sized bowls of lawn clippings are made with local greens and topped with drool worthy homemade dressings.

Caesar Chop

Fresh parmesan cheese and creamy homemade dressing is topped with crisp pieces of maple bacon, parmesan crisp and herb infused croutons.  It might sound decedent, but our Caesar is made with romaine and kale, so it’s basically a health food.


Crispy Iceburg Lettuce

If you’re looking for something super summery, our iceberg salad is your new bff. Iceberg lettuce gets an upgrade with a blue cheese crumble, pickled red onions, fresh cherry tomatoes and an herb pesto, topped with a homemade tarragon dressing.


Mango, Avocado & Arugula

If you kind of wish you were kicked back with a Bahama Mamma and a tiny umbrella, this salad will capture the spirit (without getting you pickled). Fresh chunks of sweet mango mingle with fresh guacamole and arugula and are topped with an orange vinaigrette.


Main Plates

Got your bibs and stetchy pants in hand?  Then meet our main course meals!

Most of our main courses are served with our daily starch & seasonal vegetables

Cast Iron Scorched Steak

No pans were harmed in the scorching of this delicious steak 8oz steak, so you don’t have to feel guilty as you dig into this thick cut New York striploin, pan seared to perfection and served with a mushroom sauce.


Roasted Ontario Lamb Loin

Rack of lamb is delicious, but really, it’s so last Tuesday.  Get adventurous with our Ontario lamb loin.  A beautifully piece of lamb is crusted with a Dijon mustard and herb crust and then slow roasted to perfection.



If you’re craving gravy our meatloaf is here to give you a high-five.  A generous helping of of our ground chuck and lamb meatloaf is served with mushrooms, tomatoes and a healthy helping of brown sauce (gravy!)


Pan Seared Seabass

Sink your teeth into this delicious fillet of toothfish (yes, we’re hilarious).  It’s a beautiful filet of seabass, pan seared to perfect and served over lobster risotto and topped with a lavender beurre blanc sauce.


Grilled Down East Salmon

Feel like trapping a lobster? Resisting the urge to become a longshoreman?  Then this is your meal.  Perfectly grilled Canadian salmon is topped with a honey chili drizzle and served over cilantro lime basmati rice.


Chicken Marsala

Anything covered in cream sauce is pretty much guaranteed to be delicious. A grilled chicken breast is covered in thick cut mushrooms, served over a bed of creamy mushroom risotto and finished with a creamy marsala sauce.


Jacked Up Chicken Surpreme

No, our chicken hasn’t been hitting the gym more than usual, but it is jacked full of deliciousness.  Fresh chicken breasts are stuffed with jalapeño havarti cheese and leeks and served with a jalapeño cream sauce.


Grilled Eggplant Parmesan

Want to lighten things up, but a salad is just going too far? Meet our grilled eggplant! Topped with sautéed kale & quinoa, roasted red peppers and parmesan cheese, then finished off with homemade tomato sauce.


In a Bowl

Bowls: The perfect solution when you’re worried your food might make a run for it.

Spagetti & Meatballs

If you feel like recreating a scene from lady and the tramp, then this is your dish (but please get it to go!).  Our  homemade basil pomodoro sauce is served over spaghetti with a meatball made from our incredibly delicious ground chuck.


Three Cheese Cavatappi

It’s “Posh Comfort Food”… It’s cheesy, it’s spiral noodly and it’s definitely bib worthy. Dive head first into this posh mac and cheese with three delicious cheeses doing the backstroke over cavatappi (scoobie doo) noodles.


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